MSX Pixel Art

This page contains Pixel Art Collection for the MSX in its many generations.

Ideally, I would prefer that a site like or existed for the MSX, where images could have categories/tags, and the users could download the files in their original format and preview them on the Internet browser. And to promote contests, just like and  But, sadly, no such site exists for the MSX system. Because of this, the images are published here inside zip files, hoping that some day they can find a better accommodation.

MSX Pixel Art Collection Vol.1 - Preservation Collection
This collection of pixel art is intended to preserve the vast diversity of images that were published for the MSX system in all its generations.

It's composed by 3100 files with the best images from many sources, including games, demos, disk magazines, picture disks, BBSs, forgotten corners of the Internet, and so on. Many of the images where even hidden as easter eggs.

I have been collecting these files since more than 30 years, and some months ago it occurred that everyone should be able to enjoy these.

But the collection is still far from complete. There were many more images that were published and are still not here. I'm now counting with contributions from the community so the collection can grow even more.

With the only exception of animated GIFs, all files contained in this collection are stored in file formats that can be opened in the MSX. Each file type was chosen to better preserve all the characteristics of the image, while still being easy to be viewed on the MSX.

It's also important to note that it's beyond my resources to discover who are the original authors of all these images. Whenever I found out who the author was, I created a specific folder to credit him/her. But I didn't create specific folders when the image already contains a signature of the author, to reduce the amount of folders.

If you're the author of some of the images included in this package and would like to be credited, or you want your work to be removed from the collection, please contact me via the e-mail provided at the end of this README.TXT file.

To view the image files:
  • On a real MSX: use the viewers provided below
  • On a PC or Mac: You can either install RECOIL in your computer, or use its online HTML5 viewer

MSX Pixel Art Collection Vol.2 - Rearranged Art
This is a Pixel Art Collection composed by more than 300 images created by other artists that were "arranged" to the MSX video modes.

"Arranged" is used here as an analogy to the music arrangements that we see being released for the MSX all the time. They're usually tracks composed by other artists, and arranged by a 3rd party for a specific MSX soundchip. The person who does the arrangement also adds his personal touches to the composition in the process.

I liked this concept very much, and decided to try the same for Pixel Art.

Please keep in mind that these are not your typical "run off the mill" image conversions, like blindly throwing the images into some converter and saving the output. This rarely yields good results, so the conversions required a lot of careful pre and post edition.

The credits of the original authors can be checked in the included Credits_vol2.ods spreadsheet.

MSX Image Viewers
The images contained in the collections above can be viewed on a real MSX with the following native applications:
  • DMAG.COM: Views Maki-chan .MAG, .MKI and .MAX files. It supports scroll for images that are larger than the screen.
  • GIFI.COM: GIF file viewer. It supports vertical scroll for images that are taller than the screen.
  • BLS.COM: Viewer for .SCx, .SRx, X68000 PIC, QLD files and some others
  • JLD.COM: Viewer for .JPG files
  • DBMP.COM: Viewer for .BMP files
  • SCXVIEW.BAS: Viewer for .SCx files on MSX-BASIC
Note: most of them require the MSX-DOS v2 (or Nextor).

Don't forget read the included README.TXT file that is included inside of each package.