HDD Games (harddisk games)

Final Countdown MSX2Final Countdown MSX2 game, unlocked to run directly from the hard-disk
Fire Hawk - Thexder 2 Enhanced HDD v1.4, zipped auto-install patch

A lot of enhancements and fixes were done on this version:

  • Turbofixed. Now the game runs properly at any CPU speed. VDPs with turbo blitter engines are also supported (like the OneChipMSX turbo-blitter mode).
  • Hard-disk installable. But can be installed on floppydisks also, just use the INSTFLOP.BAT command to do that. (both MSX-DOS2.3x or higher and Windows CMD.EXE are supported by this batch)
  • The game now passes on both MSX Acid1Test and Acid2Test. This means it is now fully compliant to the MSX coding guidelines and no illegal direct hardware access is done anywhere.
  • A lot of optimizations were made, and the game now runs better and much more smoother (less slowdowns) than the original game.
  • Added support for the Megadrive joypad connected though a joymega adapter. But don't connect the joypad directly to the MSX: The adapter *MUST* be used! See the README file for the button mapping.
  • Multi-language support. You can change between English and Japanese by typing "SETLANG EN" or "SETLANG JP", respectively, at the MSX-DOS2 prompt. (MSX-DOS v2.31 or higher required for SETLANG. Windows' CMD.EXE also accepted)
  • Exit to DOS implemented on the Main Menu. It's now possible to quit the game without needing to reboot.
  • The troublesome and limited RTC load/savegame routines were replaced by a brand new load/savegame on disk. This has many advantages:
a) Allows multiple savegames even for those who don't own a PAC
b) Savegames can be easily transfered from one MSX to another or to emulators by just copying the FIREHAWK.PAC file
c) The generated FIREHAWK.PAC file is standard and compatible with the PAC managers around there, so the savegames can be copied to/from a real PAC
d) Real PAC (SRAM) support is still built-in and available by using a command-line switch.
  • Hold the TAB key to throttle the game speed (if your machine has enough CPU speed, of course)
  • Enhanced the FM detection routine, and now it has the following preference order for detection: MSX-Audio BIOS v1.3, internal MSX-Music, external MSX-Music.
  • Added support for the PSG->OPL3/4 translation routines of the MSX-Audio BIOS v1.3. Those routines will be used on OPL3 and OPL4 cartridges that have the BIOS. This results on all sound being produced by a single chip, thus eliminating discrepancies that most MSX have on the mixing volumes between the chips. It also provides an elegant solution for running the game with the turbo enabled on Panasonic 2+ machines (FS-A1WSX/WX/FX) or on machines with homemade turbos. Because on those machines the internal PSG sound pitch goes off tune when the turbo is enabled.
  • A mixer for the PSG is now implemented. Use the new tool PSGMIXER to set the PSG volume attenuation. This will help on machines that have the PSG volume much louder than the OPLL volume, like the MSX Turbo-R.
  • Replaced the keep-key-pressed-on-load configuration routine by a new one that receives command line parameters. Also, a command-line help is now available.
  • If present, the SystemTimer will also be used to enhance the random number generator.
  • Fixed all graphic glitches, solved by a new page-flipping routine that also eliminates tearing completely
  • Fixed the bug that caused the robot image to be corrupted on the first 4 frames on the beginning of the game.
  • Fixed the corruption of the ASCII table characters that caused the wrong apostrophe on phrases like "ATTACK NEDIAM'S ENGINE BLOCK!"
  • The game will detect and politely refuse on a MSX1 computer instead of just crashing
  • If there's enough free DOS memory, the game will not freeze after the "The End" anymore. At least the free memory equivalent of MSX-DOS1 with CTRL pressed is needed for this (In other words, BDOS must be higher than the address DC06h).
  • A lot of polishing here and there
Playball III, HDD version, bugfixed
  • Hard disk installable: small loading times
  • Turbo Fixed: now you can play the game at a decent speed
  • The turbo is enabled by default for Panasonics FS-A1GT/ST/WSX/WX/FX and CIEL ExpertTurbo/Expert3.
  • Disabled the annoying key click inside the game
  • Many enhancements, bugfixes and speed optimizations (see included README.TXT file)
  • Many problems caused by corrupted files from the bad dumps available on the Net were fixed
Psycho World , HDD version, multi-language (zipped files for real MSX)

Psycho World, HDD version, multi-languase (IDE dsk image for emulators)
Psycho World, unlocked to run directly from the hard-disk, with multi-language support. The game is currently translated for the languages below, and you just need to type SETLANG at the DOS prompt to select between them.
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
Starship Rendezvouz, HDD version
  • Hard disk installable
  • Turbo Fixed
  • The turbo is enabled by default for Panasonics FS-A1GT/ST/WSX/WX/FX and ExpertTurbo. Now the game can be played at a decent speed and the loading times are minimized.
  • FM Music is now default inside the game
  • The game don't freezes anymore after it's finished
Não deixe de ler o arquivo LEIA-ME.TXT incluído em cada pacote.
Don't forget read the included READ-ME.TXT file of each package.