MSX Softs

Sharp HB-3600 Disk Interface
Sharp's HB-3600 disk drive interface supported up to two drives and came with two disquetes. This package contains the following items:
  • Disk BIOS interface (Sony HBD-F1 compatible)
  • HB-DOS v1.2 (MSX-DOS compatible)
  • HB-MCP v1.1 (CP/M compatible)
  • HB-6000 DiskDrive Installation Manual Scan
Air Hockey
These three ultra rare games were sent to me by a kind MSX collector who wished to remain anonymous. The games were  poorly hacked to run on the MSX-DOS. I restored them to their original ROM format, fixed some bugs and optimized them.
As a bonus, they also feature:

  • All games now pass all MSX Acid Tests
  • The turbo will be enabled on machines that have the CHGCPU BIOS function
  • For MSX2 or higher, the games will automatically set the screen frequency to 60Hz on boot, to allow the game to be player at the correct speed even on European MSX models. To force it to run on 50Hz, just keep the key 5 pressed on boot
Pig Race
Shooting Collection
Final Fantasy MSX2 Soundtrack
The impressive soundtrack of this version of the game was composed by Micro Cabin. I extracted the original .MCM song files from the disk and made them available here. You can play them on a real MSX using Manuel Pazo's MCDRV, available at this page.
Yazzie MSX Remastered v1.1
This version adds a compatibility mode for FM-Towns joypads and the Panasonic FS-JS222. If your joystick is not detected by the game, you only need to hold the B-button for more than 1s to enable the compability mode.