Patches for Sega Master System games


Gunstar Heroes
GG2SMS port, with the following features:
  • Two versions: one with a normal palette tweaked to show all the pixel art details in the SMS, and one that uses the 3D glasses to expand the SMS perceived palette to 216 colors, thus making the colors closer to the original GG game
  • Removed a software lock that caused trouble to run the game on the Master Everdrive
  • Garbage was removed from nearly all screens
  • Enabled the left column masking
  • The PAUSE button now works properly and doesn't crash the game anymore
  • Button-1 of the 1st joypad now acts as START where needed. Moved the text speedup to the 2nd button.
  • The 2nd joypad has SELECT on its button-1, and PAUSE on its button-2.
  • Megadrive joypad support. When one is used, the C button acts as SELECT and the START button will pause the game accordingly. There's no need to use two joypads anymore
  • Enlarged screen area.
  • The Sega logo screen now can be skipped
But the patch is far from finished and still has some known glitches:
  • Some elements have an offset when compared to the background. Specially the hitboxes of the houses in the 1st stage and their smoke after they explode, and the plant boss.
  • Some graphical glitches still occur at some specific points in some stages, notably on the pyramid of the 1st stage, and in the end of the stage when almost reaching some bosses.
  • The larger screen area makes some enemies appear imediately in some areas, like in the 1st screen of the 1st stage, and in the 1st screen of the airship stage.
Note: the Master System 3D glasses only work properly with CRT screens.

Don't forget read the included README.TXT file included inside of each package.